What To Clean Up Based On The Time You Have

The Guardian asked two cleaning experts for advice on what you could clean based on how much time you have.  If you have three minutes and have kids, put on a song and have the children pick up as many toys as they can. Make it fun for them. With 5 minutes, the experts say you can declutter a junk drawer. Take out old menus, receipts, batteries and anything else you don’t need. A 10-minute window gives you enough time to give the bathroom a once over. You can clean the toilet and put out new towels in that amount of time. If you have a half-hour, you should focus on cleaning the cupboard. Throw out any food that has expired and wipe down the shelves. Got an hour? Clean your oven. 8 hours gives you time to declutter. The experts say to tackle decluttering by category. Pick one type of item and go room to room until it’s all gone.  Do you have an effective way of cleaning up?

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