Warner Music Nashville Writer Devin Dawson has said the meaning of “God’s Country” is up to the listener, but Blake Shelton’s new video for the song leaves no doubt exactly where he believes “God’s Country” is: his home state.

“Well, I can tell you one thing for damn sure,” Blake says candidly, “Oklahoma is God’s Country so that’s where we shot the music video for the song.”

“We spent four days shooting there in and around Tishomingo, getting connected to the land, the environment and the spirit of the music,” he explains. “As I’ve said before, I was born in Oklahoma and I’ll be buried there and Sophie Muller, who’s a well-known video director, really captured the countryside in a stark and vivid way.”

In the haunting video, new color footage is juxtaposed against black-and-white scenes of Oklahoma’s desolate dust bowl days.

In the beginning, Blake explores the land and drives his truck, but eventually things get darker. At one point, he runs across a menacing rattlesnake. Then, the burning vintage tractor from the “God’s Country (The Prequel)” video appears.

You can watch the “God’s Country” video on YouTube now.

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