Tommy & wife Raye took a trip to the mud pots near the Salton Sea. These awesome mud geysers are the result of geothermic activity in the area. Check out the pictures and video below!

“It was so cool to see these mud pots bubbling up out of the ground” says Tommy

“The sound they make is awesome too.”

Best to go when there has been no rain for a bit as the roads and the field itself get really muddy.

“When you first walk up to them, they look like large ant hills or something”

Tommy shot this video with wife Raye as they first walked up and saw the mud pots for the first time!

A couple of things to note: Be safe around the mud pots, probably not good for pets and supervise your kids carefully.

The mud is not boiling, just warm and apparently is a result of carbon dioxide escaping the earth. They can be pretty smelly. So don’t inhale too much of it. Obviously Carbon dioxide is not safe to breathe in.

Davis-Schrimpf Seep Field is the name you can look them up under…at the corner of Davis and Shrimpf road in Calipatra/ Niland area. Safe travels!