With First-Ever Commercial Thomas Rhett is starring in his first-ever commercial and it is with Fritos. The brand hasn’t made a commercial for over 20 years and the new campaign aligns perfectly with Rhett.  “It was a really fun process, and I feel like both brand alignments really matched up with kind of what I already do on a daily basis. I love to be outside. I love to hike. I love to fish. I love to camp. And a lot of this commercial was a lot of that. And it was just a really cool team to work with and already a brand that is consistent in my household,” he told PopCulture. Rhett describes his relationship with Fritos recalling his grandparents using the chip to top off chili and in Frito pies. He also revealed that he and his oldest daughter, Willa Gray love eating spicy Fritos and since shooting the commercial, have spent time eating the spicy snack and watching Disney movies.  What do you think of Thomas Rhett’s “Down For Everything” Fritos commercial?

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