The Swifties are pissed today after one of her “fans” from her “Lover Secret Session” leaked Swift’s Lover tracklist online.  During the sessions, Taylor asked that no details about the album be released prior to drop date, however, @TracklistLover appeared on Twitter to confirm their attendance at the London session and revealed the tracklist for Swift’s album.  The Swifties blasted the account with one person tweeting, “Swifties @TracklistLover should be arrested. I have done my research and she is breaking British laws about copyright. Oh sis you got a big storm coming. We are gonna raise hell.” The account was immediately suspended and on the tracklist was confirmed, however, the order isn’t correct due to Swift playing the songs out of order during the secret session.  According to the leaked tracklist, the Dixie Chicks are featured on the 18-track album, what do you think of Swift returning to her country roots?

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