A school district in Michigan went above and beyond to help one of their students feel more comfortable on a field trip. 

Lylah has a rare condition that will cause her muscles to slowly shut down called spinal muscular atrophy. She has to use a wheelchair and her mom shared how the school made a special effort to make her feel included in the class. Lylah’s mom Holly Gritter wrote on Facebook: Sometimes it’s the smallest gestures that make such a difference 💛 Lylah’s class field trip was extra special today . She got to ride the bus with her CLASS! Did you know Hudsonville Public Schools doesn’t have a full size wheelchair bus? So kids like Lylah have to take a separate bus. Lylah was pretty bummed about riding with no friends . But thanks to her awesome teacher and the wonderful Hudsonville bus garage they borrowed a bus from another district so Lylah could be with her classmates .

The Hudsonville school board has approved funding for that type of bus, but it will not be ready for several months.