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Tommy C

  • Monday-Friday 3:00pm-7:00pm

Tommy C Tommy has been living in the Coachella valley with his family for 3 years and going. He spent 9 years as part of a morning show in Riverside at a local country station, (you might remember him as "Frogman Tommy"). He has been involved at the Stagecoach festival since it began. In in the 2015, 2016 and 2017 festivals he was a dee jay inside the grounds at the Honkytonk Stage! He has four kids, three boys still at home and features them on his "Daddy Diaries". His house is a collection of personality.  Chris is the youngest and the most vocal. You hear him on commercials for Mattress Showroom as well as The Daddy Diaries Series. Son Gabriel is the athletic one -an ROTC & band teen as well as La Quinta Firefighter Explorer and Marine Corp "Devil Pup". His oldest son Alex is a producer & helps run a DJ business with him along with Tommy's wife Raye. He also has an older daughter, Cassandra, in Las Vegas who is a artist and works at one of Las Vegas's oldest Casinos. Tommy's Kids are the world to him.     Tommy and his wife have been together for 27 years and spend most of their free time at their kid's school events when not out on a road trip with them. Listen to Tommy C on 98.5 The Bull!