The Bobby Bones Show is back from vacation and shared stories and sounds from their time off! 

Bobby Bones and his wife tried going on vacation to a destination overseas but ran into some trouble at the airport. They booked their trip two weeks before vacation and when they arrived at the airport, they checked their bags and were only 10 minutes from boarding when his wife got sick, and they decided to go home. Their bags went on the trip, and they got them back a week later and lost half of their money. His wife was sick for 3-4 days and is now feeling better! He shared the sound of playing pickleball because the pickleball court he was building in his backyard is now complete! He invited friends over every day to play pickleball and went to card shops to buy baseball cards.  

Amy’s sound she shared was packing tape from her move. She didn’t go anywhere and focused on moving into her new house. She was happy she had the time off to dedicate it to that huge life change and she’s all moved in!  

Eddie’s sound was waves crashing on the beach. He had a great time, relaxed, went fishing for a couple of days and his kids had fun so it was a win for him. He also posted a picture of himself on the beach and Bones thought his body looked good and that the hard work he’s been putting in at the gym showed.  

Lunchbox’s sound was honking from his trip to Chicago because there was nothing but cars honking the whole time. He shared that it was the most unrelaxing thing to hear. He went to a Cubs game and went to different places around the city and had a great time, but the horn honking annoyed him.