Members of The Bobby Bones Show confessed the personality trait they are most proud of. Find out below:  

  • Lunchbox – His confidence and how out going he is. He believes he can do anything and is better than everyone. He also does not let other people’s opinions bother him.  
  • Eddie – His humor. He gets joy out of seeing other people laugh from what he says.  
  • Amy – Her understanding. She can see where the other person is coming from and see other people’s point of views. It’s something she’s really learned from co-parenting. 
  • Bobby Bones – The patience he’s developed in the last few years. He’s worked so hard on it and in general he has more understanding that just because he wants something to happen now, does not mean everyone else does.  
  • Morgan – Her empathy. She has a lot of empathy for people and the situations they’ve been in.  
  • Raymundo – He’s a chameleon. Put him in any situation with anyone and he will thrive.