Reba McEntire Reveals Kenny Rogers Mistake ‘I Totally Regret’

In a recent interview, Reba McEntire shared a regret she has regarding Kenny Rogers. Kenny Rogers was her first choice to record Heart Won’t Lie. They got in the studio and something with the song just didn’t come out right. Reba ends up re-recording the song with Vince Gill. She never tells Kenny. She runs into Kenny at the CMA’s and he asks what happened with the song. She apologizes profusely. Fast forward to Kenny’s 1991 TV movie, The Gambler. Kenny put Reba in the movie. This was after Reba lost 8 members of her band and entourage in a plane crash. She said Kenny saved her sanity by putting her in the movie. How do you think the song would have turned out with Kenny instead of Vince Gill?

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