What makes a Tuesday more magical than free ice cream and unicorns!

April 9 is National Unicorn Day and Ben & Jerry’s Free cone day.  That means sparkles & freebies for all!  Yeah, they’re both made up holidays, but so what.

Participating Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops around the world will give away free ice cream cups and cones from noon to 8 p.m. Tuesday.

Chuck E. Cheese’s has Unicorn Churros through June 6 but is offering them for free for the made-up holiday Tuesday with the purchase of a 30 minute All you can play pass.

Build-a-bear is also getting in the spirit with a new Pink Unicorn Fairy Friend, a mystical plush unicorn with a “glittery purple horn, sparkly hooves and a beautiful rainbow mane.”

There are many other companies running Unicorn specials, Kraft Unicorn mac-n-cheese, Lucky Charms, Jell-O Unicorn Edible Slime, unicorn Pop-Tarts and more!