Two weeks ago, Morgan asked the Bobby Bones Show for advice on her Maid of Honor speech at her sister’s wedding.

Morgan was nervous about the upcoming big speech and read way too much about what to do and not to do online so the show gave her some advice. This week, she reported back after the wedding that she thinks it went over really well. She didn’t have any mess ups and got lots of laughs and tears, so she graded herself an A. She was sitting at a long table next to her sister and was speaking directly to her. She shared childhood memories, and the speech lasted a little over four minutes. She opened the speech with “For everyone who knows me, congratulations, and if you don’t, condolences,” and it was a joke because 95% of people in the room knew her. She had a few moments where she almost cried while speaking and ended it on a high note. She was nervous when she started speaking because there was a room full of people, she knew, so she felt pressure. For people who have a wedding speech coming up, her best advice was to keep it as concise as possible, share memories about the person you’re directing it to and their relationship and then close.  

Her boyfriend was also at the wedding and met her family for the first time. She shared he received great reviews from everyone and was impressed with how well everyone liked him, especially since she had to leave him alone with people he didn’t know for most of the day while she was doing her MOH duties. She also did a soft launch with him on Instagram!