Majority of Americans Say Cooking Is Turn-On, Survey Claims

According to OnePoll, cooking is a major turn-on for the majority of Americans. Conducted with The Little Potato Company, out of the 2,000 people polled, 71 percent said cooking is their love language.  For married couples, 81 percent say they still are turned on by their partner in the kitchen. If you’re single you may want to list cooking as your pastime, 80 percent of singles would consider a date if the person listed cooking in their dating profile.  Home cooked meals rank at the top of the list, however, many people have tried to disguise take-out as home cooked. Two-thirds of the people said they cooked in order to impress a date.  So what is the most popular dish to cook for a date? The top five meals to prepare for that special someone include steak and potatoes, pasta and garlic bread, chicken and vegetables, pizza and salad and burger and fries. What is your favorite thing to cook for a date?

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