Country star Luke Combs was this week’s musical guest, and he performed his big hit “Beer Never Broke My Heart” as well as “Lovin’ on You.”

This week’s host, NFL star JJ Watt, gave a fish-out-of water monologue which included a tribute to Kobe Bryant, before starring in a number of parody skits during the show, including a Bachelor style skit where he starred as a hulking pilot, a short film parody of Rudy, and a send up of Frozen 2 parody, where he played a lovelorn Kristoff.

In another skit, Watt played himself recording bits for the upcoming Madden 21 video game, in which he was forced to read terrible dialogue “like, “Whoopsies!,” “Intercept—aw, never mind, I dropped it,” and “I suck today!”