This is really a what-not-to-do story…and #GoodNews…starring a 5-year-old and Amazon. 

Jessica Nunes lives in Massachusetts…she thought her 5-year-old daughter, Lila, was playing games on her phone during a recent drive home, but later figured out she was living her best life shopping on Amazon. In fact, Lila spent nearly 4 GRAND buying stuff like five child-sized pink dirt bikes, five child-sized blue dirt bikes, 10 pairs of women’s size 7 cowgirl boots and a battery-powered child-sized Jeep. Mom was able to cancel the orders for the boots and half of the dirt bikes, but several motorcycles and the Jeep showed up at the house.

Jessica is kind of amazed Lila found all of that on Amazon but admitted: “There was an older boy with a bike and Lila was devastated because she was too young to ride it,”and Lila said in her own defense: ‘I just wanted it and I got it,’”. Mom says she’s using this as a “teachable moment.” See…she could return the stuff and a lesson was learned! #FeelGood