Lunchbox needs to get rid of his 2005 Nissan Altima and get a new car, and a listener has an offer for him.  

Lunchbox’s Altima has 217K miles on it and keeps dying. After months of bringing it to repair shops, he’s finally accepted it’s time to let it go and get a new car. He shared he’d buy a new car if a dealership flew him to their location, “wined and dined” him and gave him a good price on a new car. In return, he’d voice commercials for them. Listener Jessica heard his proposition and called into The Bobby Bones Show to offer him a deal. She works for a dealership in Garden City, Kansas as a salesperson and promised he’d get the best deal working with them and that she’d give him something “extra.”  

She said they’d fly him out, take him to the dealership, get him situated with the car he wanted and then her managers and her could take him out to a steak dinner. The dealership’s manager said they’d be happy to work with him to figure something out. Lunchbox looked up their website to find a car he wanted and chose a 2023 Grand Cherokee XL that was originally $52K. Jessica talked to her manager and reported back that she can offer Lunchbox a flight to Kansas, the steak dinner and sell him the car for $48.6. But if he would do a live remote with them, she could drop it 20% to $41.7K. It’s been approved by her manager and Lunchbox is willing to do a live remote.

Lunchbox is going to continue working with the dealership and figure out a possible plan!