Listener Justin called into the show to give Bobby Bones advice on flying with the Blue Angels. He said if he’s given the chance to ride in the back of a fighter jet he absolutely must go.  

The reasons why he said Bones should do it is he’s been teaching mental toughness for years, so he’s got it. He said it’s also the best part of flying. They will put him in a jumpsuit, and he’ll have to do some egress training, which is training how to hold on to the seat in case he gets ejected. He said he’ll only get ejected from the plane if something bad happens, but the chances of that are slim to almost none. Justin knew all this because he got the opportunity to ride in the back of a F15-E jet when he was in the Air Force. He called it the biggest highlight of his Air Force career.  

The Blue Angels PR team that reached out to Bones asked for his height, weight, and all his measurements, and Justin said they asked for all that information to make sure he isn’t too big because the seats in the cockpit are very narrow. Bones is still unsure if he’ll do it because he gets extremely bad motion sickness. Even if he’s just riding in the backseat of a car he wants to vomit, so he thinks being in the jet he’ll vomit everywhere. Justin said they will give him a bag if that happens. He said he’ll also have a headset on to be able to hear the other pilots communicate, and that there’s no way he can accidentally eject himself because only the pilot can do that.  

Justin was trying to make Bones feel more comfortable, but he’s now more scared. He must decide in the next few days.