Hugh Hefner Passes

You cannot not know who he was. Hugh Hefner was what some called the host of the sexual revolution. In 1953 he launched a magazine that even he was so unsure of, that he did not put a date on the cover. That magazine featuring an equally now famous Marilyn Monroe went on to become part of the empire that Hefner built.

As our own Tommy C put it in a facebook post “This guy was a hero of sorts to many teen males”.

On The Morning Moo crew radio program, he mentioned “We all hid the magazines under our mattresses and yes, some of us even read the articles.”

We did. Whether you agree with the nude content that spanned many decades or not, Playboy was a huge part of pop culture… Worldwide.

Hugh Hefner died at age 91 at the Playboy mansion on Wednesday September 27th. As of Thursday morning social media channels were already filling with memes. Our favorite featured Hugh surrounded by dozens of his bunnies in bikinis: “No one will ever say, ‘He’s in a better place now.'”






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