If you want a more clear sign that fans are fed up with the final season of Game of Thrones, how about the news that a petition has been started to have HBO do the entire season over again.  The petition to re-do the final season of the hit HBO show has already received 15,000 signatures and the number is rising faster than a dragon can get airborne.  “You cannot satisfy one billion people,” says Pilou Asbaek who plays Euron Greyjoy. “The diversity of the fans and the passion they bring to the table is admirable, and you want to have it all.”

Personally, I have been happy with the final season of Game of Thrones, but I am not OBSESSED with the show.  I settle in every Sunday night and I let the show play out.  No complaints!

The one thing that I don’t understand is the fact that people think they are entitled to THEIR ending and now they are throwing a fit!  Do they honestly think that if they get enough signatures that HBO is going to spend MILLIONS of dollars to recreate the final season?  Is this another example of people being WAY self entitled or do they have a legitimate gripe?

I say no.

If you don’t like the final season, that’s fine.  Nobody LOVES everything.  But thinking that you can petition the creators of a piece of artwork (yes, TV shows are a form of art) I think you’re crazier than Daenerys  Targaryen riding on a dragon while attacking Kings Landing.


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