A minute-long preview of the last two episodes of Game of Thrones has allegedly leaked and fans aren’t happy about it at all.  The rumor is that the preview has its fair share of spoilers and even allegedly shows how the show will end causing fans to call it, “the worst ending in TV history.”

I have not watched the video, and I WILL NOT seek it out.  I want to be surprised.  Will it be the “worst ending in TV history?”  Doubtful.  Remember how Dexter ended?!  THAT was pretty awful.  How about “How I Met Your Mother?” That left a bit to be desired.  Or, if we want to go WAY back, how about “St. Elsewhere?!” IT WAS ALL A KIDS IMAGINATION RUNNING WILD WHILE HE LOOKED AT A SNOWGLOBE?! WTF?!

Only 2 episodes left!  Should we all prepare for the worst?

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