Fans Are Demanding Blake Shelton to “Have Respect”

After Seeing New Instagram Fans were shocked after Blake Shelton shared more behind-the-scenes footage of the making of his video for the hit, “God’s Country.” In the video posted to Instagram and TikTok, Shelton is seen dousing an Oliver 1250 tractor with gas and lighting it on fire.  “What it’s like to shoot a music video in Oklahoma…” he captioned an Instagram video on May 5.  “I can’t believe you torched an oliver!!! Wth?!?! Have a bit of respect for the antiques. CGI would’ve been a better use of money,” one person wrote in the comments section. “What did that tractor ever do to you? #oliverforlife,” another added. Did Blake Shelton go too far by really setting an Oliver tractor on fire?

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