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This Is Eli Young Band: Greatest Hits comes out Friday, featuring a new single that lives up to the album’s title.  “Love Ain’t” — which is nearing the top ten — is Eli Young Band‘s biggest song since 2014’s “Dust.”

Lead singer Mike Eli says the track combines a tune the band loved with a story that’s even more moving.

“We liked the message, we liked the feeling the music kind of put into you,” he tells ABC Radio. “And we made a music video for this song.”

“We were looking for the epitome of what love is, and trying to find that couple,” Mike recalls. “And we do a lot of work with Wounded Warrior Project and they sent over some footage of Taylor and Danielle Morris.”

The life of the couple was forever changed after Taylor’s service in Afghanistan.

“Taylor Morris is a veteran,” Mike explains, “came home a quadruple amputee, and the music video is their love story, from the day they met to their wedding day.”

“It’s a feel-good video,” he adds. “It’s not a sad video. It’s one of those ones that makes you feel better about life.”

You can experience Taylor and Danielle’s touching journey through the “Love Ain’t” video on YouTube.

Eli Young Band’s fourteen-track Greatest Hits comes out Friday, and features one other new song, “Where Were You.”

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