Do You Wash Your Legs Every Day In The Shower?

Shower head in hotel

If your answer is “no,” you need to re-think your life choices…

A debate is happening on Twitter about whether or not washing your legs are mandatory while showering. @Arpwel conducted a poll asking if people wash their legs when they took a shower and surprisingly some people said no. The reasoning was that soap from the upper body cleans your legs as it runs down and others said leg washing or washing, in general, wasn’t something they do every day.

Think of it this way, when you wash your car, do you just scrub the roof and let the soap run down the car and then ignore the doors, windows and fenders, or do you scrub the doors, windows and fenders?


I don’t know why this is an argument, or, why people would admit to taking sub-par showers…

The internet is a weird place.





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