Tommy’s son has been asking his dad for an airplane flight for years. Chris is 11 and has never been on any flight. Thanks to the folks at The Experimental Aircraft Association ( A vintage Ford Tri-motor has made a stop at The Palms Springs Air museum for the weekend. (You can fly in it too! Details below)

The Ford Tri-motor was one of the first mass produced aircraft for passengers in the late 1920’s. The plane was instrumental in the development of airport infrastructure such as paved runways and airport hotels.

Pilot Dave Ross let Tommy’s son fly in the copilot seat when he heard that he had never been on a flight in his life. Chris had the time of his life!

The flight took them around the Palm Springs area with amazing views.

When Tommy asked his son what he remembered the most from the flight, Chris said “I could hear the tower talking to us and to all the planes in the area!”

Chris called the experience “The best day ever!”

Pilot Dave gave Chris his own autographed poster thanking him for being a good co-pilot!

Check out the cockpit of this amazing vintage aircraft!

The passenger cabin

This was an experience this young man will never forget!

You can be a passenger on the Ford Tri-Motor this weekend! The plane is at The Palm Springs Air museum through February 10th. You can book your flight here.


You can watch a video of the flight with Tommy & his son on his facebook page.