Brantley Gilbert Plans to Promote Local Farmers on His Fire’t Up Tour

Country star Brantley Gilbert announced Monday that he’s partnering with Farmer Veteran Coalition for his upcoming Fire’t Up Tour, and will purchase a selection of products for catering on each concert stop, spotlighting the value of locally sourced meats, dairy and produce. “I still live in the town where I grew up, and I know that excitement for a show doesn’t start when doors open, it has the power to rally the community well ahead of when we show up to load-in and soundcheck,” shares Gilbert. “Our goal is to help boost local economies, showcase the best foods from the region and spend a bit of time thanking these great folks for all they do,” Gilbert wrote in a press release.

The singer also plans to partner with Musically Fed, to distribute any extra food from each show to organizations tackling hunger in each market. The Fire’t Up Tour begins January 30, in Moline, Illinois, and concludes May 8 in Morrison, Colorado.


1/30  Moline, IL                                                3/20  Portland, OR
1/31  Highland Heights, KY                             3/21  Tacoma, WA
2/1    Salem, VA                                                3/26  Ontario, CA
2/6    Green Bay, WI                                         3/27  Fresno, CA
2/7    Minneapolis, MN                                     3/28  Las Vegas, NV
2/8    Milwaukee, WI                                         4/16  Greenville, SC
2/13  Greensboro, NC                                        4/17  Tuscaloosa, AL
2/14  Louisville, KY                                          4/18  Orange Beach, AL
2/15  Chattanooga, TN                                      4/23  Florence, SC
2/20  Evansville, IN                                           4/24  Charleston, WV
2/21  North Little Rock, AR                              4/25  Knoxville, TN
2/22  Tulsa, OK                                                 4/30  Lincoln, NE
2/27  Toledo, OH                                               5/1    Sioux Falls, SD
2/28  Youngstown, OH                                      5/2    Grand Forks, ND
2/1    Pikeville, KY                                            5/8    Morrison, CO
3/19  Nampa, ID