Bobby Bones and Lunchbox shared how they met!  

They first met in 2003 at a bar. Bones was doing a radio show by himself then and was looking for a co-host and had an open casting call to meet people. Lunchbox showed up late and disheveled, but Bones thought he seemed interesting. At the time, Lunchbox was a delivery driver as Jason’s Deli in San Antonio which was an hour away, but started doing the show one day a week and would stay at his parents’ house.  

The first segment they did was arm wrestling with a women’s rugby team and Lunchbox talked a big game about how he was going to beat them but lost badly and Bones thought it was so funny, so he started having him on the show more. Eventually, Lunchbox moved back in with his parents to be able to do the show five days a week and got his own microphone. At the same time, he was working another job at Costco where he shared that people would recognize him because they’d listen to the show in the morning. Now they’ve been together for 21 years!