The Bobby Bones Show shared the latest rejected segments that were never going to make the air because they were either a bad idea or boring. For the first time ever, the top three are held by the same person!  

Find out the Top 5 below:

  1. Raymundo suggested when was the last time you heard a song that made you slap your knee? He said it was his friend’s Dan Smalley song “Born and Raised On The Bayou.” 
  2. Raymundo wanted everyone to recommend a friend of theirs that does music. He really wanted to promote his friend, Dan Smalley, because he sent him a song, he thought was good. It was rejected but the show appreciated his effort to try and promote his friend twice.  
  3. Raymundo had an exclusive J Lo story. He was talking to a man who used to be a security guard and he told him that J Lo loves to gamble. She would rent out a casino for just her and her friends and would have them lower all the table limits to $1 because she hated losing money but loved gambling. They had no way of verifying the story, so it was rejected.  
  4. Eddie submitted that he has a hard time deleting e-mails. He currently has 10,809 e-mails, and if it has any type of information in them, he has a hard time deleting it. It was rejected because it was boring.  
  5. Mike D suggested ear-piercing punishment. We play a game, and the loser has to go to Claire’s and get their ear pierced.