Bailey Zimmerman‘s country and rock roots shine in “New to Country.”

The anthemic track, which Bailey co-wrote, features lyrics that show Bailey’s upbringing and how he’s, in fact, “anything but new to country.”

“He’s got tattoos, he’s bad news/ Yeah, that’s all anybody’s ever said about me/ And yeah I like to cut loose and smoke too/ You might think I chose this way of livin’/ Nah, but it chose me/ You can hear me coming with a 6.2 hummin’/ Guns N’ Roses bumpin’ through a 12 in the floor/ I don’t need me nothing but a spot out in the country/ I smile when they say that I ain’t me anymore,” goes the opening verse.

Bailey’s latest releases include his new single, “Holy Smokes,” and “Hell or High Water” off the forthcoming Twisters: The Album.

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