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Tommy is a very active dad who has been on Southern California airwaves for almost 10 years. Many radio listeners know Tommy from his days of being part of an Inland Empire morning show.  It’s no surprise that Tommy’s kids have also been part of his radio career in California, many people in the IE listened and grew with Tommy’s family via his popular “Daddy Diaries” episodes.  Tommy has been married for 18 years and has been with his wife for 25 years. Their kids are growing fast and keep him and his wife busy. With four kids aged 24 to 8, their house is always a circus.  He and his wife Raye are active school sport, school band, & karate parents.
Tommy has been a radio guy for 30 years and when he clicks the microphone on at The Bull, he may be the biggest kid of the entire family.

Tommy is the guy that dee jayed those huge Stagecoach Parties in the RV campsite. It started year one with him and his laptop just playing a few tunes. It soon exploded into massive RV parties with hundreds attending and having fun. In 2015, Tommy dee jayed inside the festival at the Honkey Tonk.



Tommy with Son Alex dee jaying – 2015 Stagecoach Festival



Tommy & Kimberly Perry From The Band Perry


Tommy & Aaron Lewis


Tommy, wife Raye and Gary Levox From Rascal Flatts


Country Legend Willie Nelson


A very young Taylor Swift & Tommy

Tommy and his boys

Tommy and his boys