Kid Rock For Senate?

Can this be real? Everyone’s favorite bad boy singer-rapper and country music fan made a statement about running for office that was considered a joke, but now a website and some theories show that Senator Kid Rock could become a reality! One political Michigan consultant, Dennis Lennox, said “I think there’s no question about that. I think he’s the prohibitive favorite if he gets in.”


The reasoning? The Republican candidates in the race are three new comer unknowns, so one Robert Richie (his real name) would very much get the popular vote. The biggest challenge would be in the general election where he would be slated to run against a well known democratic incumbent. Read more details here.


It would certainly be interesting to have a Senator Kid Rock. We’ve already proven that anyone can get a public office in the past Presidential election.



Here’s the future Senators latest video. Warning: some not safe for work language may be in the lyrics. (but you knew that)






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